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"Telara is beset by enemies on all sides.  The Dragons send their monstrosities through the Rifts, nefarious organizations throughout the world sow discord and destruction, and even mighty heroes of the past arise to fight in the name of evil.  The betrayal of the Vigil by Prince Hylas, the damnation embraced by Aedraxis, and the rise in membership of the Endless Court are all things to make a heavy heart.

But - there is the Vigil.  And because of the Vigil, there is US.  Chosen not for our faith, but for our might - the Vigilant stand ready to face the enemies of Telara - bringing the battle to those who would see harm done to our world.  Elemental, Death Cultist, and Defiant alike will tremble before our might - we who are made alive again in the glorious righteousness of the Vigil.  We will mend this world.  We will bring them all low, and restore order, and peace to our people.  So stand with us, or against us.  Be prepared to cleanse the world of evil, or be cleansed."

Vigilant is a light-RP guild in the MMORPG Rift by Trion games.  Based on the Shadefallen sever, we offer a mature environment where various playstyles are respected, and where everyone tries to help guild members achieve their goals.  Members can expect an active, friendly guild whose people strive for excellence in all aspects of play, but who do not castigate people for their shortcomings.  Whether your tastes run to RP, PvP, PvE, or a good mix of all three - you will find support and like minded people among Vigilant.

Vigilant has rules and standards of conduct.  These are not negitiable, and violations will be dealt with harshly and quickly.  You can find full details HERE.
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Membership Requirements - Don't forget your backstory and Vent!

vigilantadmin, Mar 10, 11 1:43 PM.
All members shoudl be working on writing a backstory for their character.  A place to post it will be forthcoming shortly as our Forums take shape.  No one will be promoted a full member status until they have created a backstory and have installed Ventrilo and signed in at least once in the presence of an officer.

Forum development Ongoing - Need Input

vigilantadmin, Mar 10, 11 1:39 PM.
We are currently constructing our Guild Forums  All input from Guild Members is welcome as we develop this resource.  Send any suggestions you have regarding the layout and content for our upcoming forums to the admin of this site - vigilantadmin.
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Vigilant is open and recruiting members of all classes and roles. Please note that a backstory for your character and a verified installation of Ventrilo are required for full membership. More information can be found on our Forums.
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